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From our point of view satisfaction and happiness of our customers is bigger than any award or reward to us and that's why since the starting of the FinTrades our motto has always been that our satisfaction is hidden in our customers satisfaction and it helped us a lot in growing at a very rapid speed which is undeniable and unattainable in any sense because rather than marketing or sponsership our success is well driven by our customers which makes us a unique and trustworthy stock trading education service provider.




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  • There are numerous types of trading, including day trading, swing trading, position trading, scalping, algorithmic trading, options trading, futures trading, forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, commodity trading, and more. Each type has distinct strategies and time horizons, catering to various investor preferences and market conditions.
  • We have covered techniques for basic to advanced traders and strategies which took 12 years of experience to learn but in our course we will tell you that in just few classes.
  • Fintrades mainly provide 3 types of courses:
    ⦁ Smart Trading Course (STC)
    ⦁ Smart Option Trading Course (SOTC)
    ⦁ Advance Fundamental Trading Course (AFTC)
  • This is what our course is all about because after working hard for years we are introducing your this course which is very helpful for traders because in our course we have covered the topics of the course in a broad manner.
  • Yes, We have courses for every kind of traders which are willing to put their concentration on leaning trading and the way we have build our course it will be very simple for anyone to understand it and evn though you don't understand it you can ask your doubts in a session with the mentor.
  • In this course you will be able to know the basic and technical part of the stock trading which will enhance your trading skills at a major level.
  • Before you start to make sentence you are supposed to learn alphabets first and the same thing goes to stock trading too so before making trading decision you are supposed to learn technicality of stock trading which is the alphabets of stock trading.
  • Overall, In this course you will be able to know all aspects of the stock market in which Basic, technical, Options and Fundamental comes under which will be enough for you to convert you into a full fledged Trader.
  • Practical learning is a vital part of learning because it connect the gap between throry and application, which helps out indivisual enabling to grasp concepts in the real-world contexts. It also enhancea the essential skills such as problem-solving and also critical thinking too while increasing confidence and adaptability of a indivisual.
  • So overall you will be able to know that what are the options which stock market are going to give in the intraday trading.

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